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Which is good for mechanical parking?

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Which is good for mechanical parking?

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2018/11/06 10:51
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Which is good for mechanical parking. The mechanical parking space is a mobile non-independent space. It must rely on the overall operation of the machine and the exchange of space to achieve the purpose of individual parking spaces. In the sense of ownership, the parking space is a fixed independent space with specific boundaries. The scope, including the requirements for building area and building height, is largely different. Mechanical parking is divided into: lifting and traversing parking equipment (PSH), vertical circulation type parking equipment (PCX), roadway stacking parking equipment (PXD), horizontal circulation type parking equipment (PSX), multi-level circulation type parking equipment ( PDX), Planar Mobile Parking Equipment (PPY), Automotive Dedicated Lifts, Vertical Lifting Parking Equipment (PCS), and Simple Lifting Parking Equipment (PJS), etc.

Shenzhen Qianjing Machinery Parking Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of mechanical parking products. Qianjing Guangdong Machinery Parking provides high quality and reliable garage products and satisfactory services for the majority of users with the spirit of harmony, innovation, development and win-win.

Yesterday, a parking facility on the west side of the New Oriental Women's Square has taken shape. The parking lot is invested, constructed and operated by Yunnan Avenue Group. Huang Miao, director and vice president of the group, said: "The parking lot adopts advanced mechanical comb-tooth lifting and traversing three-dimensional parking equipment. The parking lot has 6 floors and can provide 119 mechanical parking spaces. The parking lot construction has been basically completed. It will be accepted and officially put into use within one month. According to reports, the temporary parking fee is from 8:00 to 20:00, the first hour is 6 yuan, then the next hour is 3 yuan; 20:00 to the next day 8 :00 1 yuan per hour. At the same time, in order to solve the parking problem of surrounding residents, the special parking package for residents is used from 18:00 to 9:00 on the working day and all day on weekends and holidays, while minimizing the cost of use while ensuring the parking time of residents.

A total of 21,415 public parking berths were added, with 4,976 medium-level parking berths and 16,439 mechanical three-dimensional (underground) parking berths. “The construction of public parking lots in our city is mainly based on the construction of three-dimensional parking lots and underground parking garages, and the construction ratio is required to be no less than 50%.” Jiangxi Network Radio and Television News (Reporter Hu Kanglin Intern Yang Ying) Reporter from Nanchang, April 13 According to the press conference held by the Municipal Urban Management Committee, according to the requirements of the “Three-year Construction Special Plan for Public Parking Lots in Nanchang (2016-2018)”, Nanchang will plan to construct 132 public parking lots with a total berth of 31,542. It is reported that in 2017, Nanchang will build 72 new public parking lots, including 60 in each city, 10 in the Municipal Education Bureau, and 2 in the Municipal Civil Defense Office. A total of 21,415 public parking berths were added, including 4,976 plane parking berths and 16,439 mechanical three-dimensional (underground) parking berths.

“The mechanical parking garage of this project adopts fully automatic plane-moving mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment, which has more advantages than the common horizontal and horizontal three-dimensional garages in the city.” The relevant person in charge of the project told the reporter that the underground garage was set on the first floor. There are ten entrances and exits, and the inbound and outbound warehouses use straight-through entrances and exits to achieve straight-forward and straight-out, which can effectively improve the efficiency of accessing vehicles, reducing waiting time and cross-congestion of outbound and inbound storage. The entire parking garage system is also equipped with a parking charge management system, a parking monitoring system, a parking report printing system, and a remote diagnostic system.

The above understanding of "efficient mechanical parking" is necessary. Since the establishment of 2014-06-23, Shenzhen Qianjing Machinery Parking Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of “efficient, pragmatic, honest, and expanding”. Through continuous efforts and development, it has a fairly complete management model, which has become The leader in the business services industry

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