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Between square inches, unlimited space

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2018/11/06 10:48
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Vertical circulation type parking equipment is also called micro circulation type parking equipment. It is a mechanical parking device that uses a parking system with vertical circulation to access a parked vehicle.

The working principle of the vertical circulation type mechanical parking equipment is that the motor drives the transmission mechanism through the reducer, and a storage bracket is installed at a certain distance on the traction member---chain. When the motor starts, the storage bracket follows the chain. Make a vertical loop motion together to achieve the purpose of accessing the vehicle.

Features and advantages

(1) Provincial land: The small area covers a single unit of equipment covering about 2.5 parking spaces and can accommodate 12-20 vehicles.

(2) Convenience: easy to operate, use PLC to control automatic car tuning, and access the car by one button.

(3) Rapid: The system will intelligently control the rotation direction of the equipment according to the position of the vehicle board, pick up the car nearby, and take the vehicle fast.

(4) Convenience: The turntable can drive the car to rotate, thus changing the direction of the front of the car to achieve the car entering and exiting.

(5) Energy saving: There are only one or two drives in a single set of equipment, and the power consumption is low. (Example: For example, the seven-story 12-car parking space, the power consumption of the vehicle at the farthest point is only 0.4 degrees, and the power consumption of the nearest vehicle is less than 0.1 degree)

(6) Economy: The land area is small, the land investment cost is saved, and the basic and external investment are small.

(7) Reliable: This type of equipment has a simple structure, high safety and reliability, and low failure rate.

(8) Short cycle: Under the premise of complete cargo, the entire installation process of a single set of equipment can be completed within one week.

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