Which company's mechanical three-dimensional parking space lease

Which company's mechanical three-dimensional parking space is leased. In recent years, with the popularization of mechanical three-dimensional parking space rental, the well-serviced mechanical three-


Which company's mechanical three-dimensional parking space is leased. In recent years, with the popularization of mechanical three-dimensional parking space rental, the well-serviced mechanical three-dimensional parking space rental has almost touched every corner of the three-dimensional parking space rental industry. Naturally, "Which company's mechanical three-dimensional parking space leasing" is a hot topic that everyone has long admired. For this reason, Qianjing Responsible Editor will share with you the topic of three-dimensional parking space leasing.

The parking space lock is a mechanical device installed on the ground to prevent others from occupying the parking space, so it is called a ground lock, also called a parking space lock. [The origin of the development of parking spaces] Due to the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of the national economy, such vehicles are increasingly used. In recent years, the large increase in automobiles has led to a sharp shortage of parking spaces, resulting in parking spaces. At the same time as the price rises, there will be a situation of grabbing a parking space in some free parking areas or parking lots; some owners will pay for the parking spaces to ensure that their own parking spaces will not have no place to park, but the occupied parking spaces are called owners. They are complaining, and the parking lock is their savior.

Shenzhen Qianjing Machinery Parking Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales of parking space rental products. Over the years, Qianjing has been committed to the continuous innovation of parking space rental products, and constantly research and develop new products, and strive to better quality parking spaces.

In 2016, after receiving the news from the site, the site found that in the living room and bedroom of Mr. Gong, cracks in the cast-in-place board were found, and the crack in the cast-in-place plate in the living room was about 1 meter, while the cast-in-place plate in the bedroom. The length of the crack is also very shocking. In 2016, the owner of Binjiang Huayue Community broke the news that the property suddenly issued a notice to inform the owner that there will be only 100 rented parking spaces in the future community. Other owners must purchase parking spaces, and the number of rented parking spaces will be generated by the lottery. Before February 23, if the owner does not have a rented parking space and does not purchase a parking space, he will be refused entry into the community.

According to the current judicial practice, there are two main viewpoints on the lease of civil air defense spaces: Viewpoint 1. Some courts believe that no unit or individual has the right to sell or transfer the property rights and use rights of civil air defense works. The transfer of the civil air defense engineering parking space damages the interests and the interests of the buyer. Even if the two parties sign the parking space transfer right agreement, the agreement is invalid. Viewpoint 2: According to the principle of “who invests and benefits”, the developer can obtain the rent by renting the person's anti-parking space, but the civil air defense project must go through the registration formalities.

The parking spaces in the community are in short supply, and there are problems such as opaque parking space related information, leasing and selling prices by developers, planning approval and lack of supervision and guidance of real estate administrative departments in the rental and sale of residential parking spaces. It is recommended to issue the “Guiding Opinions on the Supervision and Pricing of Parking Spaces in Anshan City” as soon as possible. The developer publicly discloses the type of parking space and the ownership of the property, the price of the lease and sale, and the calculation standard of the term of the property rights. Multi-party participation in negotiations to form a scientific mechanism for the rental and sale price of residential parking spaces. To strengthen and standardize supervision, the administrative functional departments must not only strictly perform the approval of the price of the parking space in the community, but also strengthen their price guidance.

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